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​​​​​​Who ... What ... are the BORG?

BORG are 'cybernetically enhanced humanoid drones
organized as an interconnected collective, the decisions
of which are made by a hive mind, which is the
'collective sharing of minds into a single consciousness',
'serving and driving the goals of its entire population'.

BORG 'employ processes in which negative feedback keeps their
system in a particular state, on course towards a particular goal'.

The BORG 'have become a metaphor for any collective force
of like-minded individuals determined to assimilate others
   in order to increase the size and power of their collective'.  [1]

For example, the 'reigning education establishment', the
powerful 'composition collective' and the 'indoctrination'
that 'has been blindly accepted as genuine teaching,
instead of being abominated as a vicious counterfeit of it'[2] 

The BORG warn us that 'resistance is futile' and if we dare to
   question them or challenge them, they will 'terminate us'.  [3] 

                                 For those of you who may not be familiar with the BORG, raise your shields                      and activate this link [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNxPTk9gR54]​.