The Unconscious Mind and Creativity

​ To Wake Up! our powerful Natural Intuitive Creative Potential, we must
build a Creative Interdisciplinary Learning Environment in our mind.

Though, I admit, it will not at first be so easy to freely read, explore, discover
and begin Dream-Writing ... again, naturally ... after years of being forced to:
THINK!  Analyze!  THINK!  Organize!  THINK!  Outline!  THINK!  Compose!


 In other words, having our innate 'holy curiosity of inquiry' and our natural
'degrees of freedom' quite literally 'strangled', as Albert Einstein warned,
which effectively suppresses our powerful Natural Intuitive Creative Potential.

How do you Wake Up! your powerful Natural Intuitive Creative Potential?

The first step is learning to be patient with yourself as you struggle to re-learn 
what you once did in your sleep .... unconsciously, intuitively .... Dream-Writing.

Think of the unconscious as the Energizer Bunny
® of your mind: it works 24/7 without your conscious awareness, processing mostly unconscious and also conscious impressions. Essentially, you are unconsciously receiving, filtering, sorting, organizing, associating and storing the virtually infinite number of sensory    hits --- 'impressions' --- you experience every day and unconsciously process for        subsequent retrieval, and for the most part unconsciously, to spark and fuel your       powerful unconscious Natural Intuitive Creative Ideation Potential.

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