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[1]  A Playful Parody of 'Little Snow-White'. The  Grimm Brothers' Children's and Household Tales.                  (  [2]  (

One day, the Academicians and Disciplinarians of
the all-powerful
"Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall,
Who in this land of writing is fairest of all?"

Without hesitation, the Mirror replied,
COMPOSITION THEORY is fairest of all."

The Academicians and Disciplinarians were satisfied,
for they knew that the Mirror only spoke the truth.

One day, when the Academicians and Disciplinarians 
again asked the Mirror, "Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall,
Who in this land of writing is fairest of all?"

The Mirror, half asleep, answered without thinking,
COMPOSITION THEORY is fair, many say, but
Dream-Writing is 10  times more fair and powerful." 

The Academicians and Disciplinarians took fright and turned
yellow and green with envy, then summoned their

                       the one who claims to be the beginning, the end                        the one who claims to be many, not one

...and demanded she immediately, "Take Dream-Writing
out into deep space, for we never want to see or hear of it
again ... 
TERMINATE IT ... and as proof it is no longer
 a threat, bring its lungs and its liver back to us."
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